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Wer genauso alle Arten von Test liebt, so wie ich @.@
fuer den hab ich hier eine kleine Auswahl...

klickt einfach auf meine Testergebnisse... (wenn ich alles richtig gemacht habe, muesste es funktionieren ^^)

How J-Rock are you?

Which J-Rock pet are you?

Who would be you slave ???

Toshiya is your slave...the wild sexy beast has been tamed, and your the one to do it! Lucky you, just don't touch the lips!

What J-Rock Yaoi pairing are you most like?

You're most like Toshiya and Kaoru (Dir En Grey) The sexy, silent type who hangs back from a crowd--the people always come to you instead

Which Battle Royale girl are you?

You are Chigusa Takako. "Hell hath no fury" - there are no other words for you

What kind of Gothic Lolita are you?

You are a ~*Victorian Maiden*~
You look adorable, but cold what makes you seem unreachable. You are never seen without an umbrella. The colour of your dress is mostly dark. Your favorite Lolita brand is "Victorian maiden" of course. ^^"
You are always trying to act like a real Victorian lady would have acted... and that's what you are: a real lady... =^.^=

Ultimate Yaoi-Level selector!

You are -40% Seme!
You are the angsty uke. Seldom smiling and probably persimistic, you are not likely to put in too much effort to give your seme pleasure. You probably have an unhappy past which you tend to brood on whether intentionally or not. Sometimes your angst tends to add unwanted weight to a relationship, but it also adds a certain level of excitement. The relationship may be against your will... but try to look on the bright side. if there is a bright side

Most compatible with: Tyrant (for good old SM fun)

Bitte, wie ??!! O.o Bin ich wirklich so schlimm ??? T.T

Which Dir en grey-Member are you?

Yeah! I`m Totchi *freu*

Which Dir en grey-Member would be your ideal boyfriend?

*heul* Ich will Kyo-sama~a !!

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